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Chicago's #1 culinary adventure

You wouldn't hire an actor or amateur food enthusiast to cater your event, why would you hire them to lead a food tour?

Better food - hands down, the best food & beverage on any Chicago food tour.
Get more - enjoy as much food & drink as you would like. No pre-set menu or portion sizes.
Drinks included - craft beers, cocktails and premium wines included at select stops.
Best guides - all of our guides are native Chicago professional chefs.
Hottest neighborhoods - enjoy the real Chicago neighborhoods, away from the downtown chains.
We drive - see more of Chicago as you sit back and relax.
Small group sizes - the most individualized food tours in Chicago.



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You cannot get an influence from the cuisine of a city if you don’t understand the city. – Ferran Adria

Omakase Tour
Pilsen 2.0 Tour
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The Difference

Chef Driven Food Tours is a Chicago based culinary adventure tour that was designed and is owned and operated by a co-op of professional chefs. Our goal is for our guests to experience the “real Chicago” food scene through the eyes of native Chicago chefs. We take you off the beaten downtown path of corporate and chain restaurants and into the neighborhoods. Taste the best flavors of “Chicago’s hidden gems” and see more art, culture, and history all while getting the insider’s view of the Chicago food scene.


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